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Math-please verify 7. Suppose the whole price to make 300 cards is $900.00, and the total value to ma 650 playing cards is $1,600.00. Mathematics Find the principal using Bankers Rule if curiosity of RM100 was received at 3.5% easy rate of interest for one hundred fifty days. Maturity and contain no other money flows aside from the acquisition price). Is an annuity in which the money flows proceed forever. Course Hero just isn’t sponsored or endorsed by any college or college.

Where #x%# is the annual percentage and n is the count of years. Find the total quantity he acquired in a 12 months during which he sells goods value #9,373,000 and travels 10,000 km. Math Deepak is 10 years old, and his brother is 7 years old. In what number of years time will their whole age be 41. Math Marie Coolidge is a model new worker.


At the end of the 2-year period, the worth of his investment increased by£72 Work out the worth of Dylan’s preliminary funding. College algebra Dominic pays 9% curiosity on his $22000 school loan and 11% interest on his $16000 automobile mortgage. What average rate of interest does he pay on the total $38000 he owes?

You can earn eight p.c interest, compounded yearly. Pre-calc An funding agency has a job opening with a salary o $30,000 for the first yr. Suppose that through the next 39 years, there’s a 5% increase annually. Find the total compensation over the 40-year interval. The date of the note was August 1, 2008. The maturity date was April 1.

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The rabbit inhabitants in a forest area grows on the price of 6% monthly. If there are 260 rabbits in April, find what number of rabbits must be expected by subsequent April. Math You want to have $12,500 in 12 years. Find how a lot you should invest now at 12% interest, compounded quarterly to find a way to have $12,500, 12 years from now.

Fnite math Juan invested $24,000 in a mutual fund 5 years ago. Today his investment is worth $34,616.

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Assume that every trial represents 1,000 years. Math, algebra A farmer buys a tractor for $50,000. If the tractor depreciates 10% per yr, discover the worth of the tractor in 7 years.

Math Martina made deposits of $2,000 at the beginning of each 12 months for 4 years. The price she earn is 5% yearly. What’s the worth of Marina’s account in 4 years?


Maths Dylan invested some cash into his bank. He agreed on a easy interest rate of 3% per annum for a interval of 2 years.

Paid $ 10 million within the type of 10 annual payments of 1 million every. Paid $10 million within the type of 10 annual payments of $1 million every.

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$8,260.00 b. $11,051.00 c. $9,051.20 d. $8,260.20 My reply is D. Math Find the interest earned if RM 7,500 is invested for six years 6.4% compounded quarterly.

Consumer Math Will you please check my answers? Mary Stevens earns $6 an hour at her job and is entitled to time-and-a-half for extra time, and double time on holidays. Last week she worked 40 hours of normal time, 6 1/2 hours of overtime, and eight hours of holiday time.


Round your reply to the nearest tenth of a p.c. Math suppose that $3500 is borrowed for 3 years at an interest rate of 4% per yr. Compounded constantly. Find the quantity owed, assuming no funds are made till the tip. Round to the nearest cent. Math how much must be invested now at an rate of interest of 6.5% per 12 months, compounded repeatedly, to have $3000 in four years?

You Deposit $2000 In An Account That Pays 3% Annual Interest Find The Stability After 10 Years If The

Round to the closest penny. Algebra His job pays a starting salary of $32,000 with a 5% elevate at the finish of every year. Give his salaries for the first 5 years he works. How a lot cash will Nadia have within the bank by her 21st birthday if she received $200 for her… Find the precise rate of interest paid by the Treasury.


Do not round any intermediate computations and spherical answer to nearest cent. Is a exhausting and fast, periodic payment that occurs on an investment for a hard and fast time period.


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Math Will you please check my answers? a hundred. Math This yr , you check your loan balance.