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Putting her palms behind her head, she put her feet up onto the desk, wiggling her toes in excitement as her adorable chubby ft lay on top of her desktop, smiling to herself because the aquarium pump began to fill her up. It started with a gradual regular flow of air filling her up before quickly becoming a sudden gush of air flowing into her belly, blowing her up to her hearts content material her plump voluptuous stomach expanding in all areas getting larger rounder and tighter with every circulate of air that got here from the pump, her belly started to develop rumbling and growling because the air pushed her abdomen forward, the strain slowly building up within her. As she sat at her desk her stomach grew to the scale of a beachball she was ever so round and tight and had managed to take up a lot of the seat she was sitting in. Her needs had lastly been fulfilled, her guilty pleasure had been quenched and her lust was forgiven as she lay in her seat she relaxed embracing her massive inflated stomach, this truly was her alone time. Isabella lastly had a while to herself, a break from the stresses of work and the bothersome texts from her associates. Alone in her room with just her and her computer, a sense of wonder came across her, which then quickly developed into feelings of desire she had already been scrolling via deviant artwork for the final hour or so and all the lovable artworks of good-looking boys and cute girls being blown up like massive puffy round balloons had overwhelmed her libido, she simply couldn’t control her wishes, her habits ;).

Stepping away from her laptop she grabbed the aquarium pump she had hidden away in her draw and inserted the air hose into her rear finish, ensuring it was snuggly tucked inside inside her, able to fill her up when prepared. She slid the aquarium pump away from her desk, as it sat tidally on the ground behind her.

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