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The supplier’s potential loss on inventory is considered to be a threat of constructing a market. B) U.S. government securities. Nasdaq is an fairness market and contains common stock, most well-liked stock, ADRs, and convertible bonds. Publicly traded funds can be quoted over Nasdaq. U.S. government securities are not part of Nasdaq, though they do trade OTC.

A) It loses its unique place. B) It stays in the same position. C) The complete order is canceled till the next buying and selling day.

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Orders which would possibly be good for only a selected timeframe will appear as GTC. It is the duty of the broker/dealer that entered the order to cancel it at the finish of the week, if unexecuted. A) The customer should settle for the execution for 300 shares, and the rest of the order is canceled after the shut. C) one hundred shares long and 200 shares short.

Buy 1,000 XYZ 45 stop. Buy 10 XYZ Mar forty five calls. In this quick position, the client at present has an unrealized acquire of 16. He stands to see his unrealized gain begin to erode if the stock value rises, so he might enter a purchase stop order above 44 to permit him to buy and canopy his place if a value rise happens. Purchasing calls would even be effective, for the reason that proper to train would allow the investor to purchase stock at 45 and defend a gain of 15 points less the premium paid. C) I, II, III and IV.

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D) Paying sellers a nominal quantity for retail orders sent for execution. B) municipal bond transactions.

The customer is lengthy 300 shares and short 200 shares of the identical stock. Therefore, the shopper’s web lengthy place is a hundred shares. The order ticket must be marked 100 lengthy, 200 quick. In other phrases, the client is lengthy only to the extent of his internet lengthy position. In which of the following conditions may a broker/dealer enter an order for a customer to sell a inventory long?

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If an open-end investment firm purchased preferred inventory directly from a financial institution via an electronic communication network , this trade happened by which of the following markets? In certainly one of Greenhouse’s claims, she said that military auditors caught Halliburton overcharging the Pentagon for gas deliveries into Iraq.

In 2015, after a decade-long legal battle, Halliburton was declared guilty for illegally retaliating against whistleblower Tony Menendez. KBR was a subsidiary of Halliburton at the time. Jones and her attorneys stated that 38 women have contacted her reporting comparable experiences while working as contractors in Iraq, Kuwait, and different nations. This determination effectively meant that the necessary arbitration clause in her contract did not apply. BP had employed Halliburton to oversee the method by which cement is used to seal casing in oil and gas wells, thereby preventing leaks. Government investigators had ordered firms concerned in drilling the properly to preserve all relevant proof.

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C) having solely 2 broker/dealers making a market within the stock Although 3 market makers are required initially for an issue to be included on Nasdaq, only 2 market makers are needed to proceed being quoted on the system. The other answers, chapter, a disclaimer opinion being rendered by auditors, or any cause FINRA deems termination to be within the basic publics interest, are adequate purpose for termination of quotations. Before a commerce can take place, a topic quote always must be reconfirmed with the OTC trader or market maker that provided it. Subject quotes are sometimes used at the aspect of thinly traded securities or before filling massive block orders. D) II and IV -The SEC, FINRA The Securities and Exchange Commission is responsible for regulating securities buying and selling all through the United States. FINRA is the licensed SRO for the OTC market.

A) It halts all buying and selling in ABC until the NYSE reopens it. B) It applies to the SEC for a choice within half-hour of the opening. C) It may either halt or proceed trading because it sees match. D) It continues to commerce ABC with the NYSE specialist’s permission. In November 2002, KBR was tasked to plan oil nicely firefighting in Iraq, and in February 2003 was issued a contract to conduct the work. Critics contend that it was a no-bid contract, awarded due to Dick Cheney’s position as vice president.

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Erle P. Halliburton died in Los Angeles in 1957. HOWCO is at this time value $190 million with camps all around the world. The same year, HOWCO purchased Welex, which pioneered jet perforation. Otis Engineering, an oil area service and gear firm specializing in manufacturing stress management tools for oil and gas producing wells, was acquired in 1959. As a result of the asbestos-related prices and staggering losses on the Barracuda Caratinga FPSO development project based mostly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Halliburton misplaced roughly $900 million U.S. a year from 2002 via 2004.

These businesses proceed to be profitable, and the company is likely considered one of the world’s largest players in these service industries; it is second after Schlumberger, and is adopted by Saipem, Weatherford International, and Baker Hughes. In 2015, Halliburton was found responsible in court for unlawful retaliation against a whistleblower who filed a report with the SEC over considerations that the corporate was illegally concealing billions of dollars. TCBW last 12 months had an average assortment interval of 33 days based mostly on… Sea of Sicily initially of the day inventory photo… A) 3 sellers A member should contact a minimum of 3 sellers to determine the prevailing market.


Concern was additionally expressed that the contract might permit KBR to pump and distribute Iraqi oil. Because the contract is basically a retainer, particular orders aren’t competitively bid . At a meeting for traders and analysts in August 2004, a plan was outlined to divest the KBR division through a attainable sale, spin-off or preliminary public providing. Analysts at Deutsche Bank valued KBR at as a lot as $2.15 billion, whereas others believed it could probably be worth nearer to $3 billion by 2005. KBR became a separately listed company on April 5, 2007. Cotton bale is traded in each New York and London commodities market.

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The Securities Investors Protection Corporation is a nonprofit member sponsored entity to guard customer property within the occasion a broker/dealer fails. The Federal Open Market Committee determines the course of open market purchases and gross sales by the Fed in effecting financial coverage. D) the image “ss” on the consolidated tape. The symbol “ss” does not designate “brief sale.” It is used to identify stocks traded in 10-share models. C) With no restrictions. As on exchanges, short gross sales in the OTC market can happen at any time within the trade sequence.

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All statements aside from statements of historical truth could be deemed forward-looking, together with, however not restricted to, statements concerning our future efficiency and our market opportunity. Investors are cautioned to not place undue reliance on these statements. All forward-looking statements are based mostly on info and estimates obtainable to the Company on the time of Investor Day and are not ensures of future efficiency. These shows had been present as of May 18, 2022. If you might be viewing these shows after May 18, 2022, the information may now not be correct or full, and we undertake no obligation to update information within the displays after such date, except as required by law. D) Inside market.

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A) New problem corporate fairness securities offered in a public offering. B) Mutual fund shares bought to the public. C) Municipal bond transactions. D) NYSE-listed inventory traded in the third market. Which of the next statements relating to the third market is TRUE?

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The over-the-counter market is a negotiated market. Within it, market makers are broker/dealer companies that present a source for stock that clients wish to buy and a repository for stock that clients wish to sell.