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Travelocity makes it easy to lease a automobile that fits your trip. When it’s time to book your trip wheels, you need the proper Davao Region Van rental car. C. It would mean that Agency A, you must drive 125 miles to equate rental price with Car Agency $\mathrm,$ all in $\$ 40$.

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A.) 60th floor. B.) 66th flooring. C.)72nd floor. D.)76th floor. My answer is .

A lion of mass 100kg drops on to the roof of the car from an overhanging department. Show that the automotive will decelerate to 20m/s. Use a graphing calculator to graph the two equations on the identical coordinate airplane.


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Assume that a variable hoursWorked has been initialized. Write an announcement that assigns the value True to the variable workedOvertime if hoursWorked is bigger than forty and False otherwise. Physics Tree level charges(A—B—C)have equal magnitudes and are positioned on the same line.? The separation d btw A and B is the same as btw B and C. A is +, B/C are -. Consider the net electrostatic force that each charge experience due to the other two costs.


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Answer provided by our tutors. 26A rental automotive agency expenses a flat charge of plus 2700 per day to hire a sure automobile. Charges a charge of $31.75 plus $4.00 per day to hire the identical automobile. Use a graphing calculator, find the number of days for which the costs are the same. Round your reply to the closest whole day. A rental firm costs a flat charge of x dollars for a ground sander rental plus y dollars per hour of the rental.

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Write an equation in slope-intercept form that fashions the worth of renting a automotive from every car rental agency. Stats A automotive rental agency at present has 43 automobiles obtainable, 27 of which have a GPS navigation system. Two cars are chosen at random from these 43 automobiles. Find the probability that each of those cars have GPS navigation methods. Round to four decimal locations.

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One buyer rents a ground sander for four hours and pays $63. Physics A prepare is shifting parallel to a freeway with a continuing speed of sixteen.0 m/s.

Using expressions, explain. Physics A mechanic pushes a 2520 kg automotive from relaxation to a pace of v , doing 4310 J of work within the process. During this time, the automotive strikes 22.4 m. Find the velocity v . Neglect friction between automotive and street. Answer in items of m/s.


Math The fee of change is fixed in the table. Find the rate of change. Explain what the rate of change means for the state of affairs. The desk shows the price of a ski rental bundle for a given variety of individuals. Physics a automotive of mass 500kg is shifting at 24m/s.

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Read additionally rental and a rental automobile agency charges a flat payment of Best Car rental agency charges a flat rate of forty and 10 per mile to lease a normal car. A rental car company expenses a flat price charge of $32.00 plus $3.00 per day to lease a certain car. Another company charges a fee of $30.50 plus $3.25 per day to hire the identical automotive.

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Another company expenses a charge of $31.75 plus $4.00 per day to hire the identical car. Use a graphing calculator, find the variety of days for which the prices are the…

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Math A telephone firm costs $7.ninety five per 30 days plus an extra $0.10 for each minute of lengthy distance. Write an expression that represents the total month cost to make use of the cellphone firm. Get 55+ pages a rental automotive agency costs a flat payment of one hundred ten analysis in Google Sheet format.

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A rental automotive agency costs a flat payment of $138.00 plus $27.00 per day to hire a certain automotive. Another agency expenses a fee of $47.00 plus $40.00 per day to rent the same car. Using a graphing calculator, find the variety of days for which the costs are the identical. Round your answer to the closest complete number of days.. A rental car company costs a flat payment of $38.00 plus $2.75 per day to hire a certain automotive.